Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I've Been Adopted

Today, when I was in the library at Middlebury, the child's librarian, Molly Reed, noticed my bicycling gear and invited me to dinner at her house.  She and her husband Bud are avid cyclists and have now invited me to spend the night--and I can upload pictures on their computer.

So:  a few pictures from my trip:

The view from Cadillac Mountain.
Sunrise at Acadia National Park
The water in the Swift River, New Hampshire is clear even when three feet deep.
Beautiful swimming spot on the Swift River, New Hampshire.
Getting ready to cool off in the Swift River.
To get to the good views you have to pedal a LONG way; near the top of Kancamangus Pass, New Hampshire.
Baker River, New Hampshire; the bed of the river is all one solid piece of granite, carved by nature into various grooves.
Grooved granite:  Baker River.
Wild Lupine near Bar Harbor.
It's impossible to defeat time with stone.
Overlooking the Kennebec River.

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  1. Beautiful images. Great journey so far. Hat's off to you.

  2. John: Simply stunning pix from your initial days on the road. Ride safe; Rich Fowler is trying to determine if he can join us for several day's ride when you get closer to CA! Love you, brother! Tim