Monday, June 20, 2011

Into New Hampshire

After I post this at the library in Freyburg, Maine, I will ride up into the mountains of New Hampshire.  The weather in Maine has been perfect for riding and the Lake Region in southwestern Maine is beautiful.

Last night I employed the bicycler's favorite ploy:  stealth camping.  That is:  you pull your bike off into the woods when no one is looking and set up your tent and sleep under the stars (or leaves) for free.  You can't beat the price.  But I noticed something unpleasant this morning:  three ticks.  Two crawling on my legs.  One smashed on my stomach.

I am going to be seriously unhappy if I get Lyme's disease.

This is the second library where the computer isn't setup to upload pictures from my camera.  So trust me:  Maine is a pretty place to pedal; and I'll load a couple of pictures as soon as I can.

I did 66 miles yesterday and felt pretty good.  I think I can do this; and if anyone wants to donate, that's cool, too.  I'm about halfway to my goal on donations ($5,000 so far, $5,000 to go).  And I'm 200 miles down and 3800 to go.

I'll be svelte when I'm done.

If you would like to donate to help find a cure for type-1 diabetes please click HERE


  1. John: Testing to try to post again, brother Tim.

  2. John: Maybe I have this figured out...; Spent Father's Day with Ned, Jenny/Drew/Jack and Amy and us two, nice laid-back day. Amy's husband on road (trucking), Hunger and Jessie with their moron father. Ned and I took in the Stockton Ports game Sat. night. We all discussed your ride, thought of your "on the road Father's Day" and wish you the very best. Ride SAFE, dear brother and see you at top of Tioga Pass in 7-8 weeks. Tim.

  3. Keep it up! This is so awesome. Stay safe and enjoy the ride :)