Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Fat Pink Sausage Labeled "Ride for a Cure"

Yesterday, I noticed the Facebook page "Ride for a Cure" asked us to post pictures of any training rides we are doing.  (For those of you who don't know, JDRF in Cincinnati helps organize bike rides in places like Burlington, Vermont, LaCrosse, Wisconsin and Death Valley (in the winter).

I thought about taking a couple of pictures on my 46-mile ride, but decided to wait until I lost a little more weight.  I was wearing the same pink and yellow bicycling shirt I wore in 2007, when I posed on the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado (see blog header above).  I'm glad I waited, because one look would have reduced visits to my site by 50%.

If that shirt had been any tighter it would have been a tourniquet.  So let's just say, I have some pounds to shed.

As always, I'll be riding for my daughter Emily, and now for Ben Wilson, as well.  Ben grew up in Glendale and I'll do a post on him soon.  For now, trust me when I say he's a talented photographer, and studying film in Colorado.  He's also a good young man, kind-hearted, funny and empathetic.

Last night Bill Rice from JDRF Cincinnati and I talked to the members of the Masonic Lodge of Oakley about raising money for the cause.  Sam Benzinger, whose grandson Andrew is type-1, hosted and provided pizza.

I should have passed on that third piece, I admit it.  Right now, when I wear that old jersey I look like a fat, pink sausage labeled "Ride for a Cure."  But I'll be in shape.

I always keep my word:  You donate $4 and I'll ride the 4,000 miles.

 If you would like to donate to help find a cure please click HERE!  Click on "donate to this event."  Then click on "Biking and Painting for Diabetes."

I'm riding for Sidney S., age 7, shown hugging (I think) her brother Sam.

I'm riding for Emily, shown at about age 3, with mud on her hands (she thought she might  be in trouble).

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