Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pictures from a Bicycle Odyssey

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If you've never seen Tioga Pass, this is it:  twelve miles and a gain of 3,100 feet in elevation.
Note large RV at center left (above bicycle handlebars) for scale.

One of my first views of Yosemite at the top of Tioga Pass.
Worth pedaling to see.

I try to climb onto a rock in Mirror Lake, Yosemite.  I fail.

Young couple at Vernal Falls.
Sunburned hand:  an occupational hazard.

Clear mountain stream in Yosemite back country.
Cooling the feet that propel the rider to and through Yosemite.
Home sweet home:  I used a kid's tent on my trip because it was easier to carry.
Stealth camping site behind a line of bushes near Austin, Nevada.
Nevada:  sagebrush coming.
Nevada:  sagebrush going.


  1. Very creative photography - I am impressed!! Great images of your accomplishment. Hope you plan a book about it all. Love to your family, cousin Joan

  2. Ditto to Joan's comments; will send some of my pics fr last 3 days soon! Tim V.