Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lauren Lemmon: Getting Ready to Challenge Billy Joel

Lauren hangs out with Brutus, Emily, her sister, in front.

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I had to push myself to make phone calls tonight.  I'm trying to get hold of a variety of families with type-1 diabetic kids; but today I mostly missed connections.

I did pedal 62 miles this afternoon, though, which was my goal. So I'm getting in decent shape, at least for my age.  It probably wouldn't hurt to stop eating so much candy, especially for breakfast.

Luckily, I did have a chance to talk to Lauren Lemmon, age 9, a type-1 diabetic since age 3.  I posted about her before, but this was my first chance to talk to the young lady herself.  Lauren is a fourth grader at Bluffsview Elementary School in Worthington, Ohio, and I came away impressed.  What you notice right away is her poise and positive outlook.  I asked her if she liked school this year.  She said she did, then added, "I've pretty much always liked school."  This year she has Mr. Hale for a teacher.  Lauren said he was "funny," "nice," and then mentioned he was "funny," again.  I'm a retired teacher, myself, so when Ms. Lemmon added enthusiastically, "I really learn a lot from him," I pretty much knew Mr. Hale must be good, just as Lauren says.

Lauren was enthusiastic about almost everything we discussed.  Her favorite sport is tennis, which she took up last year, and will play again this summer.  "I'm really into piano," she added later.  "I'm kind of teaching myself."  She had a babysitter not long ago who taught her to play "Heart and Soul," but now she's trying to pick up the music on her own.

She did admit science and social studies are harder in fourth grade than in third, partly because they have to do more definitions this year.  But she wasn't complaining, just explaining.  I asked if she got good grades and she said she did.  Lauren also said she "works hard" and mentioned that her younger sister Emily, 6, is also good in school.  In science her group is presently working on a project--the topic, earthquakes, which is certainly in the news.  Right now, the group is thinking of getting sponges and using them to represent the earth's shifting plates.  I thought that sounded like a good idea.  Who thought of that?  Lauren replied, "Ummm...I don't really remember.  It might have been my idea, or, I think it was Caleb, he's in our group."  (It didn't surprise me that Lauren was willing to give credit to someone else.  Talking to her, you immediately sense that she has a good attitude toward life.)

She loves riding a bike, "it's awesome," she says.  She's looking forward to Summer Camp, and thinks her present babysitter (my daughter Emily Viall) is "very nice, kind of, responsible, you know."  Then she said, "Yeah, she's pretty cool."

From what I could tell over the phone that goes for Lauren Lemmon, too.  Pretty cool.  So make that two cool type-1 diabetics:  Lauren, 9, and Emily Viall, almost 21.  I'm going to be shocked if both young ladies aren't successful in life.

And if Lauren says she's going to teach herself the piano, I'm betting she does.  Billy Joel, you better start practicing!

P. S.  I was so impressed with Lauren I had to ask, "Is there anything you don't like?"  She had to think for a while, then admitted:  "Brussels sprouts...and meat loaf."

It's nice to have cool daughters, even if one is diabetic
(Sarah Viall, left, Emily, type-1 right).

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