Friday, April 8, 2011

Katy Rogers: The Diabetic as Artist

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I've been trying to get hold of Katy Rogers for some time now; but we keep missing connections. 

So I'm going to start by telling you what her dad, Robert, said.  Katy was 11 when she turned up type-1.  She's now 20, and taking college classes down in Texas. 

As for turning up diabetic, It's the same old story:  no warning--mom notices Katy is drinking Gatorade like crazy--she calls the doctor--calls dad at work--and soon everyone is heading for the hospital.

If you're a diabetic, or you love someone who is, you know how bad that first day is.

"It just floored me," dad told me over the phone.  When he walked into his daughter's room he "just lost it, and started to cry."  Then he realized, it could have been worse, too.  "At least she wasn't shot or stabbed."

I'll add to this entry as soon as I possibly can. 

Katy is obviously artistic, as the top and bottom pictures show.

Dad describes her as a "social butterfly, very out-going, with a strong will and a mind of her own."  I think her pictures indicate she has a future in art.

As fior dad:  I know him from way back, when he was in my seventh grade class when both of us were young.

Katy and a friend (I personally like the idea that the foot on the sidewalk shows, as does the texture of the sidewalk).
Katy's friend, Shaney Collins.

Katy in the flesh (above) with blue headphones.

Katy's art below.

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