Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Pictures

Not the best picture; but notice the road at center for scale.  Ten Sleep Canyon, Wyoming. Thirty miles downhill with almost no pedaling.
This is a short entry related to my ride across America.  The Bighorn Mountains in eastern Wyoming present a real challenge to any rider, especially one with a bicycle loaded with gear and relying on 62-year-old legs.  To go over Powder River Pass you have to go from 4600 feet in Buffalo and pedal uphill for...really...I'm not joking...33 miles.


Flowers near a stream in Powder River pass.

Using my water purifier to replenish my supply; at the summit of Powder River Pass.  Ignore the gray hair.

Michael, Susanna, Rosa and Michele Hu.  I met them on their way to Yellowstone.  You meet a lot of great people on the road. 

Rick Howe, another "young" rider; top of Powder River Pass, going the opposite direction as me.

Powder River Pass:  eight miles up, looking back toward Buffalo, Wyoming.

Powder River Pass:  sixteen miles up the hill, about halfway to the top!!!!!

Powder River Pass:  now twenty-three miles uphill and still not close to the top!

Powder River Pass:  you pedal uphill, almost without stop, for 33 miles.

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