Monday, August 1, 2011

Assorted Pictures

After taking a spill and landing on my camera, here are a few undamaged pictures.

Bonnie and Phil provided breakfast when I camped at Starved Rock State Park on the Illinois River.

Below:  Phil feeds the wild turkey.

Illinois wind farms:  the cash crop is electricty.

Near Boxley, Indiana:
I mistake the Dog Patch Hotel for a HOTEL.
It's a dog kennel and the owner let me sleep in the air-conditioned office.

Crop duster.  Cool!

Ronald Reagan slept here (as a baby).
Tampico, Illinois, where he was born in an apartment.

Still selling?

Look, Illinois is flat just like Ohio and Indiana.

Farm run-off (fertilizer) is clogging almost every lake, pond and stream I pass
with algae growth.

When you cross the Mississippi it's a huge psychological lift.
Yep:  bicyclers need to get "psyched," too.

If it looks like I'm hot, it's because, damn it, I am!
Preparing to cross the Mississippi.

Bicycle trail along the Illinois River.
An old canal tow path.

Pedaling on a ridge in Iowa.
Notice the trim new figure.

Laundry day.

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  1. John: Great photos, and I have told your "Hands up" story and "Dogpatch Hotel" story dozens of times in last few days. Ride on, be safe, and fall away from that camera if there's a next time. Hey, I don't see a sleeping bag in that gear; what are you sleeping in at night? Tim V.