Monday, July 25, 2011

St Annes:  The Cathedral in the Cornfield
Beaverville, Indiana

The road may turn; but it's going to be flat.
Somewhere in Illinois.
Kankakee River:  Great for a swim on a 100 degree day.
The picture above is taken near Aroma Park, Illinois.  One of the minor pleasures of bicycling is that you get in touch with the world through all your senses.  Sometimes it's trucks loaded with manure, or fresh cut hay, or hot tar you smell.  In Aroma Park, as I pedaled down a neighborhood street, it was barbeque on the grill...ah...I wanted to stop and ask for a plate...and what's that special aroma???

Marijuana smoke.  (Well, someone was going to need seconds!)

Riding out a long storm near Kankakee, Illionois.

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  1. Mr Viall, I just read about your journey in the Loveland Herald. This is Jennie (Lammert) Hubbell, you were one of the few teachers I remember well. I had you in 7th grade, then again in 8th grade as you "moved up" that year, from '83-'85! I still can't put 'stuff' or 'things' in what I write because of you!! Anyway,I think it is awesome what you are doing for your daughter and all kids with diabetes. And what a way to see the country. As an OT for Children's Hospital, I know how important health is for children. You inspired me then and you inspire me now!

  2. John: Lunched today with Rich Fowler, and suggested he read your hilarious blog about the Wayne County Sheriffs and you alleged bank robbery. Just read your latest posts, and need to pull my US map and update your XC ride. Rich and I are thinking about planning a Stockton celebration of your "near-completion" come late August; keep safe, and posting those great updates and photos! And, maybe, think about a ride down the West Coast with me and others, perhaps fall of 2012! Love you, brother! Tim.

  3. Dang it had to come up with a story to beat all stories...arrested for bank robbery. I sorta wondered about you, but bank robber...never considered it. Keep going man...looking forward to riding a few with you in the great state of Cal.

    rich fowler