Monday, July 25, 2011

Kind Acts

I don't know if I can make this computer work (I'm in Peru, Illinois).  So I'm just going to say, quickly, that I have been receiving a lot of kind assistance.  I was telling you about Ralph Kruger and his family when the Computer Gods suddenly erased about an hour's work.

As mentioned, Ralph was celebrating his 82 birthday when I met him and his family in Trece's Restaurant.  They told me I'd be seeing plenty of wind farms up on Indiana 18, and Don Yost, his son-in-law, mentioned that a farmer earned $7,000 for every turbine on his land.  Ralph fumed a little and said "it's all poltics" and explained how one big land owner with connections got 30 turbines and "the small farmer" got none.  Don's wife, Joyce, kind of "shushed" her father, but I expect he was right.  Anyway, when they heard I was riding for JDRF, Joyce asked if she could donate.

Of course, the answer is yes.  So she gave $10.  Then Ralph pulled out a $5.  I said thanks, headed outside to unlock my bike, and another fellow named Jeff Holeman followed.  "I overheard you say you were riding to California, and just think it's a great cause."  So he also gave me a $10.

It's these kinds of acts that make riding even in blistering heat seem fun.

Yes, we have no bananas.
The cash crop today is electricity
I'm going to try to add more to this post, if the Computer Gods don't smite me again.  Sunday the 24th turned out to be a great day to ride.  I rose early, did 2.7 miles, and a guy in a pickup truck slowed down as he passed to say, "They're predicting violent weather."  So I pulled over and hid under a park shelter nearby.  Sure enough the heavens soon opened and poured out moisture for the next three hours and I sat and read a book.

Once the skies cleared, however, it was only about 80 degrees the rest of the day, and overcast, too, and I did 80 miles without suffering a bit.  In fact, I even took time off to watch the parade for the Catfish Day's Festival in Wilmington, Illinois.  I'll try to upload a picture now if this computer doesn't defeat me.

What can I say:  it's small town America.
I spent last night at Starved Rock State Park, near LaSalle, Illinois, and had a good conversation this morning with the camp hosts, Bonnie and Phil Lyerla.  Next you know, Bonnie is bringing me breakfast, (I'd show you the picture; but this computer won't allow me to rotate it), always much appreciated when you are burning 5,000 calories a day--or something that feels like it. 

So, until next time, I'll just have to show you Phil, feeding a wild turkey.  More later when my luck with computers improves.

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