Sunday, February 15, 2015

Pictures from July 2007

In Kansas even some of the churches have closed.
The good news: large stretches of Kansas are flat and easy pedaling.
The bad news: high winds, high heat.
You can also see grain towers from twelve miles away.
Proof: I pedaled all the way to Colorado.
The Arkansas River Valley is gorgeous. The Arkansas is the fifth longest river in the United States.

Colorado scene. That mountain range up ahead will prove a bitch to pedal over.

Sandstone pillars beside a Colorado road.

One of my favorite free camping sites, just outside of Leadville, Colorado.
Elevation: almost two miles above sea level.
Morning view from tent.

Heading north from Rawlins, Wyoming.
Barren piece of real estate.

Look how thin I am. I lost 25 pounds on this trip.
Wyoming scene.

Looking back down the road in Wyoming from near Jeff City.
Again, I liked this hill for a free camping spot and the night sky was bursting with stars.

One reason I enjoy going from east to west when I ride across the United States is that most of the great scenery comes at the end. Also, the riding in places like Wyoming is amazingly relaxing. Wyoming has basically five people per square mile.

Beth Mitchell, 12.

I met Beth (above) and her family at a Pizza Hut in Lander, Wyoming. She is a type-1 diabetic herself but has very good control. She was diagnosed in 2004 and was visiting the area with her brother Dan and grandparents, Judy and Ron Hartwigsen.

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